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Taylor Swift goes through more boyfriends than anyone we know...

So it's not surprising that that latest rumor is that she has something going on with Ed Sheeran!

The two of them recently worked together on the single "Everything Has Changed," and since then, the dating rumors started and we have to admit, we kind of believe them!

Their duet is on Tay's new album, Red, and she's admitted that it's about falling in love and the feeling you get when you first meet someone. Although from her album's liner notes it appears that the song is totally about Conor Kennedy, we think it's quite the coincidence she's singing about that kind of stuff with Ed!

She and Conor just broke up and right around the time of the split, she announced a tour with special guest...Ed Sheeran!

Ed also hinted to a Taylor crush when he tweeted a picture of his latest tattoo. He got the word "Red" inked on his arm (the name of Taylor's album)!

We don't know about you, but we totally think there's something going on here! She's usually into brunettes but we think Ed is one redhead she should totally go out with! He's super talented and adorbs...just like her!

Do you think Ed and Taylor would make a cute couple? Do you think there's something going on with them?

Do you think there's something going on between Ed and Taylor?
YES! It totally seems like there is!68 (32.7%)
NO! There's not enough proof yet, plus she just broke up with Conor!93 (44.7%)
Hmm, I'm not sure!47 (22.6%)

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