Stephenie Meyer: The 'Breaking Dawn' Sex Scene Isn't Ridiculous

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The Twilight author clarifies Robert Pattinson's recent quotes Stephenie Meyer chatted with MTV recently to discuss the final chapter of The Twilight Saga, and during the interview she cleared up a few rumors that have been floating around in the press lately.

Robert Pattinson recently revealed how "ridiculous" the sex scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2 is, and Stephenie elaborated on what he likely meant.

"I think he was talking about how it was so hard to keep a straight face [during that scene]," the Twilight author said. "For the actors, there are 40 people in the room and most of them are inches away from you. It's a kind of awkward menage-a-forty going on. I think when you see the scene it's a testament to their acting ability that you don't see any of that in that moment at all."

As for the "bonus scene" during the credits Kellan Lutz was talking about, Stephenie said that is not the case and the scene he is talking about will be saved for the DVD extras.

One thing that is totally true? In Breaking Dawn Part 2 fans finally get to see Kristen Stewart as a vampire, and trust us (and Stephenie) you will not be disappointed.

"It's subtle and yet kind of amazing," Stephenie told MTV. "She's very self-possessed the way she holds herself. She's a completely different kind of character."

Breaking Dawn Part 2 hits theaters November 16, but be sure to come back to Cambio tomorrow where we will have tons of Twilight scoop for you straight from the stars!


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