Animated Video Game-Escaper Fun, Quentin Tarantino's Latest or the One Getting the Oscar Talk...Which Flick Will You Go See? (Movie Trailer Madness!)

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This week in theaters we have The Man With The Iron Fists (Quentin Tarantino's need to say anything else.), Wreck-It Ralph (the animated movie of the week that's all about video games!) and Flight (the one everybody is talking about and the tear jerker, for sure!).

So which movie will you go see? Get a sneak peak of this week's flicks in the video above. And let us know which one you're going to check out!

Which movie will you catch this weekend?
The Man With The Iron Fists1 (7.7%)
Flight2 (15.4%)
Wreck-It Ralph6 (46.2%)
I'll probably see something else!4 (30.8%)

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