Demi Lovato Talks Fame: How Being a Celebrity Has Allowed Her to Help Others

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Demi Lovato puts a positive spin on the downside of fame.

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Demi Lovato knows the pitfalls of celebrity all too well.

She started to follow the downward spiral that sometimes comes with fame, but thankfully got help and got back on track.

And now she's using her celeb status to help others.

At the Billboard/THR Film & TV Music Conference recently, Demi shared how her life in the spotlight has been a "blessing and a curse," as she explained, "Just as much as it sucks to have tabloids writing about you, at the same time I had all these issues and I was able to raise awareness because I came out publicly with those issues and then I have tons of fans that come up and tell me, 'Oh, I got help with my eating disorder or this because you came out and said it.'"

She added that showing her struggles to the world opened the door for other people to get help, noting, "Had it not been for the publicity and the tabloids or whatever it was, they may not have had a chance to save their own lives."

Now that's a positive spin on being under the microscope.

We love you Demi!

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