Ed Sheeran as Chucky: Best Celeb Halloween Costume?

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Was Ed Sheeran's Halloween costume (Chucky!) the best of the bunch?

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We've seen plenty of best and worst celeb Halloween costumes, but we think Ed Sheeran is a clear winner as Chucky.

Okay, to be fair, we adore Ed, so he's an easy pick--but c'mon. Sweet voiced Ed used his ginger hair to his total advantage, taking on red-headed horror favorite Chucky.

The best bit? Ed was performing on Halloween at the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham. Bonus for the fans!

Ed tweeted a pic of himself in full Chucky form, including a giant bloody knife, overalls and some pretty cool makeup, writing: "Worked out this is my biggest headline gig to date, and I'm doing it dressed in Halloween costume. Epic. Il tweet the picture soon"

The caption with the pic? "Tonight Matthew, I'm gonna be Chucky. Wanna play?"

This morning, it seems, he wasn't completely Chucky-free, as he tweeted: "Just woke up and I've still got remnants of chucky's eye makeup on one eye. I look like a goth that hasn't quite made his mind up"

Which celeb do you think had the best Halloween costume?

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