Did Chris Brown Really Dress Up As That For Halloween? Great Costume or Horrible Idea?

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We have NO CLUE what he was thinking!

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We all know Chris Brown isn't the smartest celeb out there and he definitely proved that he hasn't become better at making good decisions over the years when he recently stepped out in his Halloween costume...

Chris Breezy dressed up as a terrorist for Halloween at Rihanna's spookfest party.

Yep, we aren't kidding.

We can't come to any conclusion why Chris would want to dress up as that but we have to say, next to beating Rihanna, we think it's probably one of the dumbest things he's done.

You'd think Rihanna would've told him that it was a horrible costume idea!

Click here to see what his mom had to say about the whole thing!

Does Chris seriously want everyone to hate him? Like everyone doesn't already...

Anyway, what do you think of Chris' Halloween costume decision?

Good costume or horrible idea? Let us know!



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Ed Sheeran's costume is probably our favorite so far, what do you think?


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