Kristen Stewart on the Romantic 'Knife Twist' Ending of 'Breaking Dawn Part 2'

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The Twilight actress discusses Bill Condon's beautiful ending of Breaking Dawn Part 2 Pack a box of Kleenex when you see Breaking Dawn Part 2, because the last five minutes are going to make Twilight fans weep.

Without getting too spoiler-y there is a beautiful montage at the end of the film, and Kristen Stewart was asked at the press conference what her reaction was when she saw it for the first time.

"I actually saw it a while ago and I wish I had better words, but it's crazy," Kristen, 22, responded. "It's so crazy! You typically just don't get that opportunity to look back."

"My favorite thing about it is that [Bill Condon] understood. He really put his finger on what drives this thing and he didn't shy away from anything," continued Kristen. "This thing is romantic. That's what is attractive about it. It is so stirring. I think if anyone was going to try to be cool about it, it would be a shame."

"Bill lent himself to it so fully, and I think you can see that," added the Twilight actress. "You can tell that he's a huge fan of the story and everything that's been going down. It's a nice little knife twist, as well. I think it's really great."

As you all flock to the theaters on November 16 tweet us your reactions to the ending of the film. It really is beautiful!

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