Justin Bieber Fans Angry Tweet Innocent Charity Because of Drake Bell Feud...Should the Biebs Do Something to Help?

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Are Beliebers going too far?

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Whoa! Is there beef between Justin Bieber and Drake Bell? Pretty much.

It all goes back to Justin's Never Say Never movie...

Drake recently went to Twitter and basically said that stars who have only been around for a few years shouldn't have biopics (ahem, Katy Perry). While we kind of agree with him, he admitted that his Twitter account was actually hacked and said that he wouldn't diss Katy... but Justin is another story.

That's not something you want to tweet with millions of Bieber fan eyes out there!

Drake basically thought the Biebs shouldn't have a biopic titled Never Say Never because he's simply too young. After his tweet went public, JB fans instantly started threatening him on Twitter and now they're harassing the Thirst Project, a charity whose celebrity representative is Drake.

Thirst Project is totally innocent in this whole thing yet they're receiving mean tweets and emails from Justin Bieber fans all over! We have to admit, we kind of feel bad for them!

The project's founder, Seth Maxwell, released a statement asking Justin to help settle his fans down and make them realize they're harming a very helpful organization.

See what Seth had to say about the whole thing and Justin Bieber HERE!

Do you think Justin Bieber should do something to control his angry fans? Should he do something to help out the charity? Or is it Drake Bell's fault? Let us know!




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