Taylor Swift: 'All Too Well' Lyrics Stolen from Matt Nathanson?

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Taylor Swift is under fire from a fellow songwriter, who claims that she stole his song lyrics for her tune, "All Too Well."

Singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson drew attention to the similar lyrics when he tweeted: "she's definitely a fan... and now she's a thief."

Do you think Taylor stole the lyrics?

Initially, we couldn't imagine that Taylor would be accused of plagiarism--after all, she's an accomplished songwriter and singer who writes from the heart.

Every song Taylor writes comes from a personal place... so how likely would it be that she would steal someone else's words?

As these things go, you have to see it to believe it, and the song lyrics are so close, it might raise an eyebrow or two.

ONTD brought up the lyrics in question:

Matt's song from 2003, "I Saw," includes the line: "And I'll forget about you long enough to forget why I need to."

Taylor's new song, "All Too Well," (most likely about Jake Gyllenhaal), includes this line: "And I forget about you long enough to forget why I needed to."

Holy similar!

By the way, Taylor is a fan of Matt's and she's even written his song lyrics on her arm before.

Matt removed his tweet accusing Taylor of plagiarizing, and Taylor has yet to address it.

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