'Underemployed' Sneak Peek: Most Over-the-Top Embarrassing Parent Moment Ever!

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Talk about an awkward vibe!

We don't know quite what to say about this sneak peek from episode 4 of Underemployed except that you won't want to miss it. And that it reminds us a lot of a certain hilarious scene in the original American Pie.

Sophia's (Michelle Ang) parents arrive for a visit, and while they're on their way to her place, she realizes she may have left a gadget lying about that she doesn't want them to see. Sophia is stuck at work, so it's Miles (Diego Boneta) to the rescue in a race against the clock.

Will he make it in time?

Check out the sneak peek above and tune in for episode 4 tomorrow night at 10 PM on MTV.

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