2012 Presidential Election: Celebs Tweet Their Voting Pride and Pics! Did They Persuade You to Vote a Certain Way?

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And how many of you are first time voters like Miley Cyrus?!


While there were cheating rumors swirling around the net about her fiancé, Miley Cyrus joined the rest of America when she voted in the United States' 2012 Presidential Election earlier today for the first time ever.

Like a million other Twitter-ers, Miley went to the social side to show off her voting swag and made it quite clear that she was voting for the Democratic party nominee and eventual winner, President Barack Obama.

Miley wasn't the only celeb to show off her political party pride. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Chris Brown, Ashley Tisdale and Snooki all tweeted about the importance of voting and hinted as to who they wanted to win the election.

It seems like stars are getting more involved in politics now than ever before! For example, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Dave Matthews and Bruce Springsteen all campaigned for Barack Obama by throwing parties or special concerts to raise money and awareness.

Do you think celeb endorsements make a difference with voting? Did you vote a certain way because your favorite star did too? Let us know and check out some of the celebrity presidential election tweets below!

And just because we love him so much and he always makes us L-O-L...

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Are you a first time voter?
YES!36 (21.8%)
No, I'm not old enough yet.71 (43.0%)
No, I choose not to vote!7 (4.2%)
I can't vote because I'm not from the U.S.51 (30.9%)

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