Justin Bieber Helps Nervous Fan Calm Down During Interview...Too Cute! (WATCH!)

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We've said it before and we'll say it again, Justin Bieber is so awesome when it comes to taking care of his fans!

A Belieber just recently won a radio contest to interview The Biebs after she decked out her windows with the station and JB Halloween inspired decorations. Lucky for us and (for her too, kinda) it was all taped for everyone to see.

During the interview, Justin totally takes care of his fan-interviewer after she literally looks and sounds like she's going to pass out. The whole thing is super cute and funny too! And we have to admit, we would've been nervous talking to Bieber too!

For being a nervous, rookie interviewer, the girl asked him really good questions and got awesome responses from him too! Not to mention she got a "sweetie" comment from him at the end!...JEALOUS!

He admitted to her that he probably wouldn't be in college right now, if he wasn't famous, because his family couldn't afford it. He also said that we should pretty much expect a new Bieber movie in the near future!

Check out the entire interview below!

What would you ask Bieber if you were interviewing him? Do you think you'd be nervous?

Would you be nervous interviewing Justin?
OMG YES!329 (67.0%)
No, not really...he's human like me!162 (33.0%)

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