One Direction Naked: Which 1D Guy Says He'd Pose for Nude Photos?

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The One Direction guys talk about posing naked!

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For anyone hoping to see even more of One Direction... this one's for you.

We Love Pop magazine recently asked the One Direction guys how much money they would pose naked for (they get asked some interesting questions, don't they?).

Can you guess which one of them said he'd do it?

That would be our man Harry... though something tells us he's just being cheeky!

Harry's response was, "Not very much at all. About a hundred quid? Our stylist wants me to do a shoot in a mankini. I'm up for that."

Liam won't be posing in the buff anytime soon (or ever!), saying, "A magician doesn't reveal his tricks."

As for Niall, he said he might consider it, explaining, "Maybe if it was for charity and as long as it was quite comedy. I'd never take myself seriously."

Zayn doesn't think he's fit enough for taking it all off, saying, "I don't think I'm in shape for posing naked, so I wouldn't do it for any amount of money at the moment."

Louis lays it all out there, saying, "The thing is, if everyone has seen your willy, what have you left to surprise them with?"

Things took a decidedly TMI turn, when Louis revealed that the 1D guys have "seen each other's willies," plus he revealed that he "possibly, possibly" caught Harry with a girl once.


Louis shared, "I had an idea that something might be going on, so I thought it'd be banter to go in and ruin it. All I did was walk in and shout "Hello!" and then walk out. I'm such a knob."

Something tells us these guys have entirely too much fun together!

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