Channing Tatum Rumored To Be People Magazine's 2012 'Sexiest Man Alive'...Think He Deserves the Title?

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Or does someone like Justin Bieber or Robert Pattinson deserve it? Is Channing Tatum People Magazine's new 'Sexiest Man Alive?'

The publication doesn't release their iconic issue until November 14 but rumor has it our favorite actor and male stripper has taken the crown!

Last year Bradley Cooper took the hottie title and left Ryan Gosling fans in an uproar!

Channing has been an obsession among the ladies and gentleman since he first made an appearance on the big screen and with the help of his recent stripper movie Magic Mike, it's easy to see why he could be the mag's top choice.

People commented on the rumor and basically said that they won't say a thing about who the winner is until the issue is made public.

Do you think Channing deserves the top spot? Or should Ryan get it?

What about Justin Bieber, Ian Somerhalder or Robert Pattinson? Let us know!

Is Channing Tatum the sexiest man alive?
OMG YES! He's a great choice!92 (78.0%)
NO! He's not sexy at all.8 (6.8%)
He's hot but he doesn't deserve the top spot!18 (15.3%)

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