Justin Bieber: 1960 Girl Scout Model Looks Almost Exactly Like the Biebs!

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Justin Bieber Girl ScoutImgur | HuffPost

Who does this remind you of?

A random guy recently posted a picture online asking if people thought it looked like Justin Bieber...and we SO think it does!

It's not a picture of JB at all, it's actually a GIRL scout model on the front of a 1960s album called, "12,000 Girl Scouts Sing America's National Favorites."


The LP was recorded at the Girl Scout Senior Roundup in Farragut, Idaho, in July of 1965. Each side contains four songs, including "God Bless America" and "Kumbayah" and it can be yours for $10 on eBay.

So, do you think she looks like Justin Bieber? Let us know!

Do you think the girl scout looks like Justin Bieber?
OMG YES! HAHAHA!109 (56.8%)
NO, NOT AT ALL!43 (22.4%)
KINDA!40 (20.8%)

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