Justin Bieber Went To See Same Musical as Victoria's Secret Model, His Friend Tweeted a Pic of Them Together! What's Going On?

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Selena Gomez doesn't seem to happy about Justin's new, gorgeous friend!

Justin Bieber and Barbara PalvinTwitter

Things are getting REALLY crazy in Justin Bieber's world these days!

We've told you about our suspicion
about a troubled relationship between JB and his longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez and now we're almost positive something bad is about to happen between them or he's playing another prank on us!

The superstars have both tweeted pictures and messages that have lead us all to believe there's trouble in paradise. After Justin's recent performance at the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the suspicions grew after a gorgeous VS model named Barbara Palvin tweeted a picture with The Biebs.

Not only did she tweet a picture with him, but she also tweeted that she was going to see The Lion King...along with a heart symbol too. Not a big deal right? Wrong!

She was spotted entering the show right after Justin and his entourage!

Bieber's BFFs Scooter Braun and Lil Twist even had tweeted photos with her. Lil Twist's pic showed her with both him and Justin and Selena retweeted it with a simple, "......"


Here's what we think:

Perhaps Barbara has something going on with Lil Twist? The rapper did tweet a message that hinted he had some kind of girl in his life...

This was tweeted a night after Barbara and JB's friends went to see The Lion King! And it also makes sense why she was in the picture with both Justin and Twist!

Of course, Beliebers went nuts with the news and totally went crazy on Barb! She responded by saying:
Maybe Selena's tweet is a simple way of playing along with them and she is just a part of a usual Justin Bieber trick on everyone OR she really thought JB had something going on with Barbara.

The model and Biebs could have something going on...but we doubt it! We just don't think Justin would be that rude to Selena in front of millions of people like that.

What do you think? Which guy is feeling Barbara? Are Justin Bieber and Selena having relationship problems? Let us know!






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