Logan Henderson Live Q&A: Watch Him Become "20 Percent Cooler in 10 Seconds Flat!"

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Logan Henderson of Big Time Rush joined us for a live Q&A yesterday! He got comfy on the Cambio couch, answered all of your burning questions and even showed off his signature dance move!

Logan opened up about some of his favorite things, what he looks for in a girl and the group's recent South American tour. Aside from meeting fans and trying new foods (he's a self-describd "foodie"), one of Logan's travel highlights was hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro.

He confirmed that Big Time Rush has started recording new music for their third album and that he was even in the studio with fellow BTR member Kendall Schmidt just the day before!

"I think you're really going to like some of these [songs] we're coming with, because they're much different from the two albums you guys have heard," Logan says.

And he proved to us that he could become "20 percent cooler in 10 seconds flat." How? Watch the replay now (above) to find out! You won't want to miss this.
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