Selena Gomez Tweets Pic With a Guy That's NOT Justin Bieber! More Proof There's Trouble in Paradise?

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We SO called this weeks ago!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seem to be having a Twitter war, sharing pictures and tweet messages that seem to be aimed at making each other jealous.

First Justin tweeted a picture from Hooters and then bragged to Bruno Mars about being with fashion models at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Not to mention that solo pic he tweeted recently with the message "Lingse" that SO meant "single!"

Selena shot back by posting a picture online of her hugging her cast mate Jake T. Austin.

Today, she was at it again when she tweeted a 2AM picture with her Wizards co-star Gregg Sulkin!

It's awful funny she posted this right after The Biebs sent that text to Bruno and tweeted about the VS fashion show!

Do you think Selena and Justin's relationship is on the rocks?

Do you think Justin and Selena might break up soon?
YES! I think they've been hinting to it on Twitter!609 (69.4%)
NO WAY!269 (30.6%)

Are they using Twitter to make each other jealous?
YES! It's so obvious!676 (71.1%)
No, I don't think so!275 (28.9%)

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