Gavin Turek: "I Even Like One Direction!" (Exclusive!)

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Meet Hollywood's latest and hottest triple threat, Gavin Turek! Meet Hollywood's latest and hottest triple threat, Gavin Turek!

Last week, we got the chance to sit down with Gavin to talk about her early inspirations, her music, and more!

Being a vocalist, songwriter and dancer, Gavin has always been influenced by music since she was a young girl. "I was listening to music out the womb," says Gavin, who sang with her church and family before making it a profession.

"I would describe my music as a hybrid of all things wonderful," shared Gavin. She also tells us her music is, "definitely indie, definitely pop and definitely electro." We definitely like the sound of that!

Although Gavin's own music is a mix of genres, she has always looked up to strong woman figures like Tina Turner, Diana Ross and Donna Summer.

Gavin also revealed that she once was a "music snob" and wouldn't listen to the top 40 charts. But things have changed! "I even like One Direction! They're really cute and their songs are good," Gavin said. We don't blame you, those boys are infectious!

Watch the clip (above) to find out more about Gavin Turek and her music!


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