No Need to Wear a Pretty Dress...When Your Hair Looks Like That! (RED CARPET REWIND!)

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We weren't feeling Britney's red carpet look last week at all...were you? Any celeb can wear an awesome dress on the red carpet but it takes a real stunner to pull off BOTH the outfit AND hair!

Olivia Munn dazzled in a sparkles-covered dress and finally did an awesome job with her locks...HOT!

The hilarious Mindy Kaling veered away from her usual wacky outfits by wearing a simple ivory dress that didn't make her look "funny" at all. Her hair is a little simple for us though. Spruce it up Mindy, you're gorge!

Our favorite red carpet look came from actress Keira Knightley! She wore a long black and dark blue, sheer dress that totally showcases her new flick. And check out that simple, sexy lipstick and slicked back hair...ugh, we're JEALOUS!

And then there's Britney Spears!...

What's up with her short, tight, mini-dresses these days? Seriously, when was the last time we've seen Brit in a gown? Anyway...

We aren't really feeling the dress she wore last week. Her clumpy shoes didn't set it off or show off her hot legs either. And her horrible wig did absolutely nothing for all.

Someone get Brit a new stylist!

See her hot mess get-up and the rest of these celebs in this week's Red Carpet Rewind video above!

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