Logan Henderson Shows Us the "Smurf" and Much More! (EXCLUSIVE!)

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Check out the highlights from our live Q&A with BTR star Logan Henderson!!
When Logan Henderson stopped by last week for our live chat, he showed us his hottest dance move (SO CUTE!) and talked about recording new music and what usually catches his attention first when it comes to girls!

We're a sucker for smiles and it sounds like Logan is too! "Whenever I meet a girl, that's probably the first thing I look at, her smile," he says. How can she not be smiling after meeting a Big Time Rush cutie?!

We know we're not the only ones looking forward to new BTR music! Lucky for all of us, the boys have started recording. Logan revealed, "Yesterday I was in the studio with Kendall."

Does new music mean new dance moves? Apparently, yes. Logan shows us how to groove to his favorite dance move, which he named the "smurf."

Our feet can't move that quickly, but watch Logan turn into a natural "smurf" dancer in the highlight clip (above). You'll also get to see behind-the-scenes footage from our chat!

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