Was Selena Gomez Jealous of Justin Bieber's Friendship With Miley Cyrus?

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And did Justin and Selena break up before? Say it isn't so! Selena Gomez is jealous of Miley Cyrus? And this isn't the FIRST Selena and Justin Bieber breakup...what?!

According to RadarOnline.com
, this isn't the first time Jelena has split or that Selena has broken up with JB!

Apparently, a few months ago she ditched The Biebs because of his friendship (and a little-too-friendly Punk'd episode) with Miley! (Peep it below!)

Selena allegedly didn't want Justin to do the prank on Miley, but he did anyway, and that didn't sit very well with her.

Previous to this report, we never really knew about a Selena/Miley feud! Do you think it's true? Could it go all the way back to their relationships with Nick Jonas? Hmm, we guess it's possible!

We can see how they could be competitive with one another. They have a lot of similarities and compete for the same jobs! But then again, Selena seems too self-confident to fall into that trap!

Do you think the report is true? Did Selena not like Justin's friendship with Miley? Do you think Miley and Justin are too friendly with each other? Let us know!



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