Miley Cyrus Gives Wedding Dress Details, Says Her Dad Knows Nothing About Her Big Day!

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Does her dad REALLY not know ANYTHING about her wedding?

Ellen Show | NBC

Since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth announced their engagement months ago, rumors have swirled about their big day.

Miley's famous father let it slip awhile back that his celeb daughter was actually having THREE weddings!

While it seemed totally legit these days, Miley shut her papa down when she told Ellen DeGeneres that she was only having ONE wedding!

We aren't sure if Miley is just covering up her big day plans in order to throw off the paparazzi or if her dad really did just make that up. We're having a hard time believing he would say there's going to be three weddings for absolutely no reason at all...

BUT, she insists he knows nothing!

Miley also talked about her wedding to Ellen's young BFFs, Sophia Grace and Rosie!

The girls asked to see Miley's rock on her finger and were anxious to know deets about her wedding dress.

I'm going to guess something much like yours. Like you have on now. A little frill, maybe no color...Probably just white, but something you know, poufy. We got to have the pouf, you know so you look real small here (pointing at her waist) and then all pouf," Miley told them.

We can only imagine how gorgeous the dress AND Miley will be during her nuptials!

Sophia Grace also asked if she could be a bridesmaid too! LOL! See what Miley's clever response was to that HERE!

Do you think Miley's having one or three weddings? What kind of dress would you like to see her in? Let us know!

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