'X Factor' Finalists: Top 12 Talk Tough Competition (EXCLUSIVE!)

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The X Factor competition is heating up in a big way and we've got the inside scoop on who the finalists think their biggest competition is.

It's down to 12 finalists and the stakes are high--tonight's live results show will see two contestants eliminated from the competition.

Who will it be?

We asked the X Factor finalists about what it takes to win this year... find out why you should vote for them:

Jennel Garcia said, "I should win the X Factor because I believe that rock music needs to be back on the radio. So vote for me!"

Paige Thomas said she should win "because I like to push limits and embrace being different."

Diamond White sold her personality, saying, "I'm cool, I'm spunky and awesome... that's why you should vote for me."

CeCe Frey noted, "You should never underestimate a small town girl with a farm raised work ethic."

Tate Stevens may not have youth on his side, but he said, "I think country can take it to the top."

Arin Ray thinks he has "the full package," adding, "and the ladies love me."

The contestants also talked about what it takes to win the competition, with answers ranging from "personality" to "the passion, the drive and dedication."

They all seem to agree it's a total package performer that will win--and they all believe they have the "it factor"!

Arin sums it up well, saying, "I feel like everybody in this competition has it... and I have it too."

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