Justin Bieber's Mom Hangs Out With Miley Cyrus' Mom...Your Thoughts?

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What do you think Selena thought about them hanging out?

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Justin Bieber's mom and Miley Cyrus' mother are BFFs?

Well, we don't know about all of that, but Pattie Mallette and Tish Cyrus were recently spotted hanging out together in Los Angeles.

While on a lunch date, the two power moms talked it up and Tish left with a copy of Pattie's new book in her hand.

We can only imagine what the duo talked about! Justin's latest breakup? Miley's wedding plans?

Tish was asked about Miley's nuptials when she was exiting the restaurant with Pattie and she said that there's no date for her daughter's big day yet.

Hmm, like she's going to tell anyway!

We can't help but wonder what little Selena Gomez thinks of all of this...

There were reports that she was super jealous of Justin's friendship with Miley.

Do you think seeing her ex-mother-in-law-to-be with Miley's mum upset her?

Is it weird Tish and Pattie hang out? Tell us your thoughts!

Pattie and Tish hanging out...
is WEIRD!132 (26.6%)
is COOL!298 (60.0%)
is LAME!67 (13.5%)

Do you think seeing Pattie with Tish upset Selena?
Probably! I don't see how it couldn't...especially if she's jealous of Miley!112 (28.0%)
No! Selena's more mature than that!224 (56.0%)
I'm not sure!64 (16.0%)

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