Keira Knightley Discusses the Challenges of 'Anna Karenina'

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Keira Knightley discusses her new film Keira Knightley stars in Anna Karenina, out today, and the Oscar nominated actress gives another buzz worthy performance. So how did it all come to be?

"I first read the book when I was about 19. When Joe [the director] phoned me up, I think we'd had a conversation when we were doing Atonement about great female roles and how few there are and we were trying to name them and Anna Karenina definitely came up within that conversation," Keira said.

"So he phoned me about two years ago, when I was working on A Dangerous Method, and he just went 'Anna Karenina?' and I went 'Yup,'" she said.

The film is beautifully shot and it is set in a theater. So was it a challenge for the actress?

"When the script was first written and when we first started talking about it, it was going to be a completely naturalistic telling and it didn't turn into this stylized thing until ten weeks before we started shooting," Keira said. "When he phoned me up and said 'I've got something to tell you.' I went into his office and it was this kind of madman's lair of these weird drawings and storyboards everywhere and he said 'Right. We're going to set it in a theater.'"

"I think if I'd been working with somebody that I didn't know, that would have been totally terrifying and the alarm bells would have been ringing," the 27-year-old actress added. "I think the reason I wanted to work with him at all on this was because he was never going to do something just a straight. Even when you look at Pride and was a very different telling. And Atonement was the same thing. It was an infamously unfilmable novel and the fact that he tackled that. So I always knew it was going to be something else that he'd bring out of it. I didn't quite expect it was going to be that."

Anna Karenina hits theaters today and Keira gives an amazing performance. Go check it out!

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