Keira Knightley stars in the latest film adaptation of Anna Karenina and her performance has generated early awards season buzz.

"I think she's a terrifying character and she's terrifying because you do judge her and you try and throw stones at her, and then you go 'Am I any better than her?' and I think the answer for everybody is 'No,'" Keira said at a press day in Los Angeles.

So how much can Keira relate to the iconic Anna?

"None of us are better than her. None of us have a right to judge her and yet we do, and that's terrifying," she added. "It's quite a terrifying mirror, I think, it holds up to human beings in general. So I think as far as the love goes within her, I think it's completely understandable."

"She doesn't see that there is many different forms of love and that that is a honeymoon period that will change into something else, and that's her great tragedy," the 27-year-old actress continued. "It's that she just doesn't understand what's going on and I think that's understandable. We all know serial romantics. Probably we've been there at certain points. As grown-ups, we also all know that that bit is not what a whole relationship is, but it's completely understandable that you'd feel that it was."

"So I guess all of me and none of me is the same as her," Keira finished with a smile.

Anna Karenina hits theaters today, go check it out!
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