'90210' Star Riley Smith Talks Wheelchair Prepping and His "Crazy" High School Days! (EXCLUSIVE!)

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And he told us what kind of girl he likes too! Move over Artie Abrams! There's a new guy on wheels in town and we have to admit...we totally adore him!

90210 star and cutie Riley Smith recently stopped by the Cambio studios to not only tell us about his own high school days but to give us deets on one of our favorite shows too!

Playing paraplegic Riley Wallace on 90210, Riley reveals he got so good at maneuvering a wheelchair that people on set really thought he couldn't walk.

"They got me a wheelchair like two months in advance. So I got to wheel that around the house and neighborhood and just got to see how you get looked at different. It's really interesting; actually, it's even more interesting when they find out you aren't actually handicapped," Riley explains. "They'll like move out of the way and ask if I need anything and apologize for being in the way and then all of the sudden when they call 'Cut!' I'll stand up and you'll see their faces and they're just confused...I have a lot of fun with that," he says.

Riley also likes to have a good time with his fans! He digs that they get in to the show so much and said that he does see what you guys say about him online! He definitely reads the 90210 message boards!

And as for the ladies in his life, he really wants one that has her own opinions!

See what Riley had to say about going to a "farm" high school in Iowa in our entire interview with him above! And don't forget to check out 90210 on The CW Mondays at 8 PM EST!



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