'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Has Record Breaking Opening

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The final installment of The Twilight Saga went out with a boom.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 had the eighth biggest opening of all time raking in $141.3 million this weekend according to early estimates. If this number holds up it would put the latest film just ahead of last year's Breaking Dawn Part 1 which opened around $138 million.

Still, this is not the biggest opening in Twilight history. That honor will go to 2009's New Moon which opened around $142.8 million.

Now that most of you have seen the BDP2 can we talk about the ending? Warning: read away if you haven't seen the film yet!

Bill Condon talked to MTV News about the Edward/Bella montage at the end.

"That is stuff we filmed as we were shooting and then [added] mostly in edit," Condon said of Bella's "Edward flashbacks."

"The decision to use Christina Perrie's song ['A Thousand Years'], I had temped the movie with that, and so I asked her if we could use it," he explained. "She wrote a new version, and it's perfect for the first image of Rob coming through that door [when he meets Bella]."

Did you see Breaking Dawn Part 2 this weekend? What did you think?