What Prank Did Jennifer Lawrence's 'Catching Fire' Costars Play on Her?

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Jennifer Lawrence's arachnophobia gets the best of her It's no secret that Jennifer Lawrence is afraid of spiders, and it turns out her Catching Fire costars used that fear to play a little prank on Katniss herself.

"We had this real-looking spider," Woody Harrelson told USA Today. "Josh [Hutcherson] came up behind her with the spider. She started screaming at the top of her lungs. We were on a big stage, and she ran out screaming."

"She's the funniest woman I know," Woody continued, cracking up again reliving the incident. "I'm in a perpetual state of laughter with her, which is a pretty good way to be on set."

Woody went on to praise his costar, calling her "a hell of a gal."

"I think it has to do with the way a person was raised. She was raised well. Her folks are really cool," said Woody. "A lot of times when people lose their head when they get famous, it's because they're insecure. She's not insecure. You'd think arrogance comes from thinking too much of themselves. But it comes from thinking too little."

Continued Woody:

"She doesn't need to put on any airs. Her folks, her family, are all very important to her and she's always including them in her life. Her friends are really cool people. She's got her head screwed on pretty good."

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