Kristen Stewart "Working Hard" at Relationship With Robert Pattinson: Report

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Troubles lay ahead for the Twilight couple according to US Weekly Now that Breaking Dawn Part 2 press duties have wrapped, many are wondering what's next for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Well, according to US Weekly there are rough times are ahead.

"Rob is at a point where he sometimes ignores her. He'll go out and won't respond to her calls or texts right away. Things will be strained for a while," says the magazine. Meanwhile, a so-called insider says Kristen "is working hard at the relationship."

The tabloid claims that part of the reason Kristen cheated last summer, which was first reported by US Weekly, is because Rob was too dependent.

"That was the least attractive thing about Rob, and why she was drawn to Rupert [Sanders]," a source tells Us. "Rob and Kristen's issues aren't fixed."

Now that the on and off-screen lovebirds no longer have Twilight ties (or synchronized schedules) Rob and Kristen will have to work even harder for their relationship to work.

"If they are able to work out being apart while Kristen is filming with Ben [Affleck] or whomever, then they have a shot," says an insider.

What do you think of US Weekly's report? Do you believe it? Chime in below.

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