Miley Cyrus Tells Off Annoying Paparazzi at LAX

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Miley Cyrus vs. the paparazzi...

Did you ever wonder what it's like to be a celebrity, with photographers following you around everywhere and getting thisclose up in your face?

In this video clip, Miley fires back at one of those annoying paparazzi guys.

Watch Miley go off on the paparazzo, who is asking questions and getting in her face at 1 a.m. at LAX airport.

Yeah, we'd be annoyed too.

Only, it's their job to be totally annoying, and as you can see the guy persists at trying to get her to answer questions and snaps pics all along the way.

Despite telling the photog, "Don't even start asking me questions about how I am" and urging him to "shut up" and leave her alone, he tags along looking for a money shot or sound bite.

Miley's got a great comeback to the guy playing dumb about what time it is, as you can hear her say, "Use the money you get from selling people's souls to buy a watch."


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