Niall Horan Tweets Hilarious Video of Louis, Liam and Harry Dancing "The Joe"

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Watch One Direction's dance moves, a.k.a "The Joe."

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It's always fun to see a little behind-the-scenes footage of the One Direction guys being goofy.

Thankfully, Niall gave us our fix this week, when he tweeted this video of Liam, Louis and Harry dancing Liam's famous move, "The Joe," to "C'mon C'mon."

Niall tweeted: "This is what happens in vocal rehearsals haha, Liam's signature move #TheJoe"

We can't watch it enough times--multiple viewings are recommended so you can focus on each of them to see their funny moves and facial expressions!


There's no denying that 1D are having the time of their lives and never take themselves too seriously.

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