Josh Hutcherson Reveals What He is Thankful For

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The Hunger Games star is grateful for an awesome 2012 Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson had a pretty amazing 2012.

"I'm very thankful [for 2012] as well," Josh told MTV this week. "I had a lot of work that came out this year and was pretty successful thus far, so it was exciting for me. It definitely exceeded my expectations."

"I had a lot of firsts this year. I went to Paris, London and Berlin for the first time, so I got to see a lot of new places," he said. "I had a blast. The press tour was so fun with me and Liam [Hemsworth] and Jen [Lawrence] and [director] Gary [Ross] flying all over the world together."

"Being with Liam and Jen was great because we were experiencing something brand-new to all of us. I think Liam had the most experience dealing with [press], just because of him and Miley [Cyrus], but having really good people experiencing it with you made it a lot easier."

So with an amazing 2012, what is Josh hoping for in 2013?

"There is the obvious that everybody will say, which is a better economy and a better America, so I hope for a better economy, a better America," he said. "Outside of that, we're shooting the next two 'Hunger Games' movies back-to-back, and then I'm shooting another 'Journey,' so as long as the world doesn't end, I have a busy 2013 coming up."

Next up you can see Josh in Red Dawn with Chris Hemsworth, out now!

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