What's Better Than Thanksgiving Dinner? Chris Hemsworth's New Flick! Peep The Latest Movie Releases HERE! (MOVIE TRAILER MADNESS!)

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This week in theaters we have a cute, animated film starring our favorite fairytale peeps called Rise of the Guardians, Red Dawn (a patriotic flick with Liam Hemsworth's big bro...Chris!) and Anna Karenina (the love story of the week with hot actors Jude Law and Keira Knightley)!

So which movie will you go see? Get a sneak peak of this week's flicks in the video above. And let us know which one you're going to check out!

What movie will you go see this weekend?
Rise of the Guardians4 (10.5%)
Red Dawn27 (71.1%)
Anna Karenina1 (2.6%)
I'll probably see something else!6 (15.8%)

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