'X Factor' Contestants Tell Us Which Judge Intimidates Them the Most...You Might Be Surprised by Who They Pick! (EXCLUSIVE!)

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Which 'X Factor' judge is the hardest to impress? Find out from the contestants themselves! Which X Factor judge would intimidate you? Probably all of them, right?

When we recently met up with the show's latest contestants, they were quick to tell us who on the judging panel scares them the most and you might be surprised by who they picked!

At first it seemed like LA Reid was the tough guy to impress but after we talked to them all including, Emblem 3, Vino Alan, and Tate Stevens, it was clear that Demi Lovato is hard to please too!

Simon Cowell, the one people would typically think would be the most intimidating judge, wasn't named that many times and neither was Britney Spears. Surprising huh? We think so!

See who the contestants picked by watching our entire segment with them in the video above!

Who do you hope wins the show this season? Which judge is your favorite? Let us know!

Which judge would scare you the most?
LA Reid360 (21.3%)
Britney Spears236 (13.9%)
Demi Lovato477 (28.2%)
Simon Cowell621 (36.7%)

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