One Direction Dolls Among Hottest 2012 Christmas Toys? 1D Shows Off Dolls

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Are the One Direction dolls on your Christmas list?

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If you've been on the fence about buying a One Direction doll, consider this glowing testimonial from the 1D guys themselves.

In a new interview with MTV, Zayn, Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis chatter on about their dolls, even sharing which ones they think are most like their human counterparts.

Harry explained that having a doll of yourself is pretty bizarre, saying, "You never imagine that you're going to have this little version of yourself. It's amazing."

Which mini-me doll looks most like the band members?

Zayn said, "I think Niall's is really good. Actually, Niall's doll actually looks a lot like him; Louis' is good as well."

He added that a bonus to the fans is that 1D actually were involved with picking out the dolls' clothing, saying, "I think we all wanted them to be as authentic as possible, and obviously, if we got involved in the outfits and stuff, then it's a lot of stuff that we'd probably wear. And it's cool for the fans, because they get a doll with outfits that we've picked."

The dolls' talents include the ability to bend at the joints, which Liam said, "[Louis] can do that in real life as well. He's double-jointed."

Louis noted, "That's why they're the best dolls ever made."

The One Direction dolls make many 2012 hottest Christmas toys lists--the perfect gift for the faithful Directioner?


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