Conor Maynard: What Are His Christmas Day Plans? Find Out Here! (EXCLUSIVE!)

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Another ball of awesomeness has come to us from the U.K. and this time we're talking about singer, Conor Maynard!

The adorable guy stopped by our studios recently and was totally in the holiday mood.

"I will be home Christmas day this year!" he told us. And lucky for him, he'll most likely be up early that morning because of someone he lives with.

"We get up pretty early because I have a little sister and she jumps on the bed and doesn't stop until we go," he said.

LOL! How cute!

He told us that his holiday day is pretty typical. He and his fam do the whole dinner thing and open presents.

Later he laughed when he admitted that he also competes against his dad on PS3 during the day as well.

See what Christmas song is his favorite to perform by watching our entire interview with him above! And check back later this week to find out about Conor's new album and North American tour!

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