One Direction Fans Save Suicidal 1D Fan on Twitter; Other Fans Copy Her For Same Attention

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One Direction fan Taylor Salvatore was a trending topic on Twitter the other night...but not for a good reason.

Suffering from a rare medical condition that causes suicidal tendencies and depression, Taylor tweeted that she was "DONE" after finding out she wasn't going to be attending the 1D Madison Square Garden concert in New York City.

She seemed fine after the Twitter rant but after a few hours her social media messages turned grim and she started to worry friends when she tweeted she had overdosed.

Her friends on Twitter immediately begged her to call 911, and when responses were minimal, they began to RT for help, making the hash tag #prayforTaylor trend at #3 spot worldwide.

Friends who knew her real life contact information stepped in, tweeting her real name and location, and even her phone number, in order to reach police in Salvatore's vicinity.

Taylor's sister and cousin were later contacted and her parents were able to take her to the hospital where she was able to be saved.

She said that it wasn't One Direction's fault for her overdose, it was simply a relapse with her medical condition.

Unfortunately, because of the response Taylor's gotten all over, 1D fans and copycats have tried to do their best to trick people into thinking they were suicidal for the same attention. Ugh!

We're glad to see that Taylor's doing better but HATE to see there's people not taking this situation seriously.

Check out Taylor's entire story here! Let us know what you think about her story!



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