The Wanted Convince Us They Have the Craziest Fans EVER! You Won't Believe What They've Done! (FLASHBACK FRIDAY EXCLUSIVE!)

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Was that YOU hiding in Siva's moving box?! Busted! We all know you were the one who ate Jay McGuiness' hair!

We just dug up an interview we had with The Wanted guys way before they became super successful pop stars and it left us a little shocked AND grossed out.

Siva, Max, Tom, Jay and Nathan all spilled about having epic music and "crazy" fans.

"A fan got into my moving truck and got into a box and drew "Siva's Stuff" on the front of it. I saw this box when I was moving, I opened the box and there was a fan inside with red cheeks, sweating!" Siva told us.

LOL! Was that you? If so, you are brave! And they think you should work for the CIA...Ha!

Siva isn't the only one who has had crazy fan experiences.

Jay admitted that an American fan actually asked for a piece of his hair and when he gave it to her...she ate it!

EW! If that was you...don't admit it. Really.

Check out our throwback Thursday interview video with The Wanted above! How far would you go to meet them?

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