Jennifer Lawrence on Staying Out of the Tabloids: I'm Really Boring

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Jennifer Lawrence talks about how she stays out of the tabloids Jennifer Lawrence is one of Entertainment Weekly's Entertainers of the Year, so The Hunger Games star sat down with the magazine to talk about the last 12 months.

So does she feel jaded with all of her fame?

"I'm different. It's exciting for about five minutes - like walking through a restaurant and hearing people say your name to each other," Jennifer explained. "After a while it starts to get creepy and scary and you feel cynical and now I do this thing where I've got this tunnel vision where I only see people that I recognize. I don't look at strangers because I know if I look I'm going to make eye contact with people."

"I always imagined I would stay the exact same and I would be just as happy," continued Jennifer. "And I'm not. It's not that I'm ungrateful at all. Or unhappy. It's just that people are different and it creeps me out so I only want to be around the people who still treat me the same."

So how does she manage to stay out of the tabloids? It's simple according to Jennifer.

"I'm just really boring," she laughed. "They've tried. There've been stories that are so not true and quotes that have been taken completely out of context. Like I'm dating John Mayer, when I've met him once. But the truth is I'm always in my house at five and sitting on my couch and going to bed at nine."

Catch Jennifer's unbelievable performance in Silver Linings Playbook in theaters now.


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