Niall Horan Tattoo "I Love S.C.": Is He Joking or Did Niall Get a Butt Tattoo?

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Did Niall Horan get a new tattoo? Or is he kidding?

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Wait. Niall Horan got a tattoo? Where? What?

Niall has been the last holdout to get a tattoo among his One Direction bandmates, though he said he came close to getting ink before.

Did Niall finally get a tattoo?

During a recent interview when they performed on X Factor, Niall said, "Yes I have one," adding, "It says I love SC and it's on my bum."

Oh no he didn't!

You may recall Niall saying in the past that he didn't get a butt tattoo because the area is too "squidgy," so we're pretty sure he's joking.

Plus, does "I love SC" mean Simon Cowell?!?

Yeah, we'd say he's trying to pull one over on Directioners.

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