Miley Cyrus Picks Her Favorite One Direction Member!

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Miley Cyrus isn't afraid to say another man in Hollywood is cute other than her fiance Liam Hemsworth!

In a recent interview, Miley admitted that she thinks Zayn Malik from One Direction is a total cutie and is her favorite 1D band member.

Not only has Miley's younger sister Noah tweeted about her own 1D love, but Miley herself has tweeted that she's Internet stalked Zayn for over an hour before!

Kinda creepy Miley!

She's said that she's fascinated with him because they have the same hair style.

LOL! We SO see it!

Too bad Zayn's got a girlfriend and Miley's well...engaged! We think they'd be a pretty cute couple! Don't you?

Is Zayn Malik your favorite One Direction guy too? Let us know!

My favorite One Direction guy is...
Harry!866 (33.3%)
Zayn!448 (17.2%)
Liam!297 (11.4%)
Niall!724 (27.9%)
Louis!264 (10.2%)

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