Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Holding Hands, Taylor at One Direction Karaoke Party After MSG Concert

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Haylor is on. Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were spotted holding hands last night after Taylor joined the One Direction post-MSG concert karaoke after party.

Does this confirm that Harry is dating Taylor?

While Taylor was busy the night of the One Direction Madison Square Garden concert, she did hook up with the 1D guys at what looked like a fun celebration party following the show.

has photos of Taylor and Harry holding hands, as they reportedly went to her hotel after 4 a.m.

Yeah, we're thinking they may be more than just friends.

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What did Harry and Taylor sing at the karaoke party? Reports note that they took on "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" together--aw.

Later, they sang the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way" with the One Direction guys and Ed Sheeran.

Watch Taylor, Ed, and the One Direction guys arriving at the after party in the video below:

UPDATE: Harry and Taylor were spotted leaving her hotel this morning--check out the video of their separate departures (Harry toting an overnight bag and last night's t-shirt!):

Is Harry dating Taylor? Maybe so...check out their Central Park pics from the day before.

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