Conor Maynard's Fans Created a Human Ladder: Even 1D Fans Haven't Done That! (EXCLUSIVE)

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The U.K. singer talks about his debut album, working with Ne-Yo and his very resourceful fans! Cambio's good friend Conor Maynard made his way across the pond last week and talked about his debut album, working with Ne-Yo and his fans creating a human ladder.

"I tried to be cool," said the U.K. singer about collaborating with Ne-Yo. "But on the inside I was screaming like a little girl."

Contrast is Conor's debut album. His motto while working on it: "It's better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation" he says. With an attitude like that, he's bound to have a hit on his hands.

Now about that human ladder. "One time after a show, the fans kind of created a human ladder up the window, to the dressing room," says Conor of his innovative fans. Top that, Directioners.

Keep an ear out for Conor's debut album, Contrast, dropping January 8, 2013 or pre-order now!


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