Miley Cyrus on Twitter: "Nothing Like a Little Mary Jane in the A.M."...What?!

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Miley Cyrus loves showing off her pups on Twitter...and smoking pot too?

While she's been snapped hitting bongs before and was given a Bob Marley birthday cake last year, she insists that she doesn't smoke marijuana even though several signs point in that direction.

On Twitter yesterday, Miley tweeted a picture with her adorable pup with the caption, "Nothing like a little Mary Jane in the a.m."

Of course her dog's name is Mary Jane, but it still makes you wonder if Miley's also saying she smokes more than cigarettes. "Mary Jane" IS a nickname given to the drug and all!

We weren't the only ones who caught on! Instantly tweeters began talking about Miley's weed reference tweet!

Miley continued to keep people going when she tweeted another pic of Mary Jane.

Honestly, we think Miley chose those specific photo captions to get people going, but who knows! And really, how cute is that pup?!

So, do you think Miley smokes pot?

Do you think Miley is a pot smoker?
OMG YES! It's SO obvious!243 (49.9%)
No I don't think so!88 (18.1%)
Uh, isn't everyone in Cali one?101 (20.7%)
Hmm, I'm not sure!55 (11.3%)

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