Why Did Drake Bell and Daniella Monet Get Shots on Their Booties? (EXCLUSIVE!)

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Talk about preventative medicine!

Earlier this week during Drake Bell and Daniella Monet's live Q&A, they showed us their "weird" faces, gave us the inside scoop on filming A Fairly Odd Christmas and revealed why they had to get shots on their booties!

That's right. Daniella explains that they worked so hard in the extremely cold weather, "They had someone come visit us. He was a doctor and gave us a B12 shot...on our booties!"

At least they'll be able to relax over the holidays. "I'm just gonna have family over and decorate," says Drake. Daniella's favorite way to spend holiday downtime: "Watching a Christmas movie and eating cozy and warm food that feeds your soul!" she says.

Check out more highlights from the live Q&A above!

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