Ed Sheeran on Katie Couric: Confirms "Haylor" Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Dating?

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What did Ed Sheeran have to say about "Haylor"?

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When Ed Sheeran was on the Katie Couric Show this week, she just had to ask about Taylor Swift and Harry Styles dating.

Just what are Ed's thoughts on "Haylor"?

It's a pity he even has to go there and talk about what he thinks of Taylor and Harry dating, but he wiggled out of it pretty well.

Katie asked, "When I ask Taylor about her love life she goes radio silent on me, so is she dating Harry Styles from One Direction? What's going on there?"

Ed's response? "I mean the papers are saying it."

Watch "The Haylor Song" parody!

Ed has bigger things going on than keeping up with the dating status of Harry and Taylor--like his awesome Song of the Year Grammy nomination for "The A Team."

Check out Ed's take on Haylor below, as well as a little green room chat, where he talks about One Direction singing his song, "Little Things."

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