Why Did Joe Francis Just Offer Robert Pattinson $100,000?

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The Girls Gone Wild creator has a proposition for the Twilight star So this will never happen!

Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis just penned an open letter to Twilight star Robert Pattinson inviting the 26-year-old actor to join one of his films.

"Per your positive comments, Girls Gone Wild would like to give you the unique opportunity to make those comments a reality," Joe writes. "The beaches are packed with amazing girls during Spring Break and it would be a major bonus not only for us but for the millions of Twilight fans to see you with a camera in your hands filming alongside our talented crew at some of the biggest beach parties in the country."

Continued Joe:

"As a spokesman and creative consultant for Girls Gone Wild, I have been authorized to offer you $100,000 to participate in one of our over-the-top Spring Break video shoots in a location of your choosing over the course of three days. The action is non-stop and it would definitely be something worth marking off of your bucket list."

File this under "Ya right!"

While Rob's people have yet to respond, we have a feeling they are just laughing it off.

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