Harry Styles and Taylor Swift: Haylor Holding Hands Again in NYC!

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Haylor are seen holding hands in new photos!

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Haylor is back at it--as Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were spotted holding hands again in NYC!

Is Harry dating Taylor? Um...no doubt about it, they're making the most of their time together.

Taylor returned to New York after her gig as co-host of the 2013 Grammy Nominations concert in Nashville.

Looks like she flew back right after the show and back into Harry's arms!

Haylor were snapped in new pics, holding hands as they left for a friend's birthday party at the Crosby Hotel.

That friend is reportedly Emma Stone, plus Dianna Agron was also at the party.

Check out video of Taylor and Harry at the party in the video below.

Meanwhile, Taylor appears on the cover of the January 2013 Cosmopolitan UK, where she talks about dating, noting: "I've never had a really long relationship, so I have no idea what that's like. Wish me luck for the future!"

Will Taylor and Harry go the distance, or are her past short-lived relationships a sign that this will fizzle soon too?

Now for some details of Haylor's latest night out...a source tells People.com, "Taylor and Harry [were] being very smoochie. They definitely [looked] like a couple."

Harry also reportedly was "really protective of her," keeping his arm around Taylor during the party.

It doesn't end there...there was also kissing.

Yes, Haylor were spotted kissing as well, with the source noting, "They're not trying to hide it. The bar was packed."

And...Harry spent the night at Taylor's hotel--again! See Harry leaving the morning after in the video below.

Taylor and One Direction will perform at tonight's Z100 Jingle Ball 2012.

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